Advisory Board

RCS is managed by a team of senior executive, each with more than 25 years’ experience operating in large companies and who have also been instrumental in growing small businesses.

Nathan Pearson

Nathan previously spent several years working for one of the largest cyber security companies in the UK where he ran the business development team and had a very close relationship with the cyber security consultants and the clients. Over this time he developed a passion for cyber security and is fully dedicated to helping companies protect themselves for cyber attacks and ransomware.

He has 20 years’ experience of working for some of the largest companies in the world as an IT project manager. His previous companies include Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) whom he joined straight from UMIST, Manchester University before moving to Baring Securities (now known as ING Barings) and Deutsche Bank.

Nathan is Managing Director or RCS and sits on the RCS Advisory Board

Tony Winslade

Tony was a Vice President in Capgemini’s global business before retiring after spending 37 years in Information Technology consulting, technical and outsourcing services. 

He is currently a commercial advisor to a number of service companies. 

He brings a wealth of technology services and commercial experience to the Advisory Board of RCS.

Steve Foreman

Steve is veteran of the advertising world and brings a wealth of sales and marketing skills to RCS.

He is the owner of one of the UK’s largest independent advertising agencies, Advertising Excellence which he founded 22 years ago.

Steve is the interim Sales and Marketing Director of RCS and sits on the RCS Advisory board.

Hugh Jackson

Hugh brings a wealth of talent in Operations, Sales and Marketing and was previously a director of MediaCo, a digital Marketing agency where he worked for 16 years before successfully selling the business.

Hugh is an MBA graduate from Napier University. He is based in Edinburgh and is currently Group Marketing Director of the Randolph Group.

Hugh is interim COO at RCS and sits on the RCS Advisory Board.

Ian Wills

Ian is an independent Information Assurance Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the technology sector across a range of industry domains. 

He is a NCSC Certified Cyber Professional (CCP) as Security and Information Risk Advisor, delivering strategic advice and business-oriented solutions to RCS clients.

Ian is the Chief Information Security Officer at RCS and sits on the RCS advisory board.

Advisory Board
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Advisory Board
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